Zach Thompson


I truly believe Tracy’s 12-Week Mobility Series helped my velocity and is what put me on that cusp of making it to the big leagues this season. Prior to Tracy’s Mobility Series I had terrible hip IR and after taking her classes, I saw a big improvement in not only improved Hip Mobility, but also Thoracic Rotation as well. It’s definitely worth your time and effort and energy. It’s really an amazing series.



I am more stable + more mobile than I’ve ever been and honestly, I didn’t know I could be more. If you’re looking for something to help you take the next step, I would highly recommend you jump in with both feet. You won’t regret it, I promise.

Garrett Hill


What was cool about this 12-week Offseason Series was it’s not just stretching and some chill yoga. It’s a whole bunch of stuff put into one thing. So you get a core workout, you get stability, balance, you get all sorts of crazy stuff, PAILs + RAILs. Just create that space and then get strong in that new range of motion that you have. It’s definitely something I’ll be doing every offseason.

Alec Mills


There’s a couple things about the program I really like. You’re usually working on 3 or 4 different things at once – if you’re doing hip flexibility, you might also be working on scap strength at the same time – two birds with one stone. That’s good for me. It’s pretty much a workout. I am dripping sweat and it’s good cardio and even getting some arm care done.

Josh Zeid


Tracy Hayes’ 12-Week Mobility Series is a game-changer. Her attention to detail, her approach to movement and physiology, and her ability to make you feel like she’s working directly with you are what make this program so fantastic. I used the 12-Week Mobility Series following my knee surgery to help me prepare for the 2020/2021 Tokyo Olympic Games. It helped me really improve my hip and lower extremity mobility following my surgery and provided my shoulders and upper half with added stability and pain-free range of motion. I would recommend this series and anything Tracy does going forward!

Joe Jacques


When I took Tracy’s Mobility Series last off-season, I saw some of the biggest jumps in the weight room and in my on-field performance than I ever have. I feel like this type of training is often overlooked by a lot of athletes and I personally think Tracy’s Mobility Series is the missing key of translating all your work from the off-season onto the field. Tracy is an amazing person, a really good teacher and I encourage all you guys to get in on her 12-Week Mobility Series this off-season.

Cy Sneed


I highly recommend Tracy’s 12-Week Mobility Series! It’s challenging in a really good way; you’ll definitely struggle and question how you got to be a professional athlete with limited amount of strength and mobility in certain areas. I learned really valuable and new ways to warm up and stretch my back and hips, which has been really effective for me.
Learning how to actively engage my core in different movement patterns on the mound and in the weight room was really important and having awareness in thinking through those movement patterns as well. Overall Tracy has a really good teaching style: it’s fun – it’s energetic and it’ll kick your butt.  So do it!

Liz Pardo


Tracy’s approach to mobility for athletes has had a profoundly positive effect on our players.

Her experience in working with the best of the best shows in her professionalism, impressive knowledge of movement biomechanics, and her keen ability to detect imbalances within a player.

As a team, we’ve learned so much from Tracy and all she’s done for us in the many months of private sessions we’ve worked been working with her.

Kaleb Roper


Working with Tracy completing her Off-Season Mobility Series helped me make major improvements going into Spring Training this year. I was able to improve my ROM in nearly every aspect. As a result, I saw increases in velocity. Not only in velocity but also my command got extremely better. These new ranges I opened up helped me move more efficiently and as a result, I gained a better understanding of how to repeat these mechanics on an everyday basis. So anybody on the fence deciding whether to participate in Tracy’s 12-Week Off-Season Mobility Series… I highly recommend it and you won’t regret it!



Really the results are just outstanding. Probably the hardest program I’ve done in my life. I’m a catcher + have had terrible mobility.
The results are absolutely phenomenal. My body + the way I move is night + day different. I feel the activation in my glutes when I’m hitting + throwing. My thoracic mobility + hip mobility is now off the charts.



I wish I found out about this years ago. Not only have I improved my overall mobility, it’s helped me get more connected with the ground and more connected with my body. You can really tell the difference in how you throw, how you hit, how loud the bat is, how hard you throw, how easy it feels to throwDefinitely worth it.

Jake Cousins
Milwaukee Brewers, MLB

This past offseason I did Tracy’s hip, mobility, + core series (12-week Mobility Series) and will be participating this year as well. Improving hip range of motion and strength along with general core strength was huge to my success this past season.

Feeling stronger from the bottom up was big in relieving stress from my arm and using my whole body as one cohesive unit. I am looking forward to another offseason with Tracy!

Matthias Dietz
Los Angeles Angels, AAA

Tracy’s mobility series made a night and day difference in my off-season training. Her 12-week program was the missing piece to the puzzle with a noticeable change in the way I moved in the gym and off the mound.

Feeling strong, solid, and flexible the way I’ve never felt before it took my game to the next level. Her program will not only be something I keep in my off-season training but in my daily routine as well.

Andrew Schwaab
Los Angeles Dodgers, AAA

Tracy’s 12-Week Mobility Series really helped me a ton – from recognizing areas of weakness from deep core strength to properly opening up my hips. Tracy educated me on how important energy leaks are.

Having to focus on my patterns and prep work took away the pressure of throwing strikes. It became automatic and my stuff continued to get better. Thanks to Tracy and her mobility series, I was able to stay healthy all year while throwing the most innings in my career! Thank you Tracy!

Mark Woodworth
Wesleyan University, Head Coach

The program that Tracy has put together is innovative and the future of sports training. Everyone talks about the importance of mobility, but finally, someone has put together a program that shows you how to train mobility.

Our entire team took Tracy’s class, and besides loving it, the results were notable and profound in essential areas of the game, from an improvement in hip rotation and bat speed for our hitters to quicker recovery for our pitchers.

Our team has learned so much and Tracy’s program has quickly become the most important aspect of our team training.

ben loftis
Ben Loftis
San Diego Padres, Strength Coach

Tracy’s approach to movement is very holistic and easy to understand for all professionals and players. Whether you are a strength coach, a physical therapist, a minor league player, or a major league player, she delivers a product that is effective, easy to understand, and encompasses a wide variety of aspects of movement theories.

Keith Allain
Yale University, Head Coach: Hockey

Tracy Hayes’ impact was fantastic with our hockey team. She worked on breathing, mindfulness, strength and flexibility with our athletes and she understood the rigors of our schedule. I highly recommend Tracy to any athlete or team.


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